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A job or career advice to help you realise your sales ambitions

Lots of recruiters only see the tip of the iceberg: your CV, work experience and education. We dig deeper. Even if you aren't necessarily looking for a job, we are the ideal sounding board when it comes to steering your career in the right direction.

Interesting jobs and career advice

Involve an experienced sales professional in your career planning:

  • Job matching based on your sales DNA
  • Be introduced to potentially interesting companies in ICT, consultancy or engineering
  • Learn about your Solution Selling® readiness and how to develop it
  • Discover your sales DNA and how to take it into account

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IT Account Manager (m/v) software solutions

Onze klant is een KMO die zich reeds +10 jaar specialiseert in digital information management met een sterke expertise in: Banken & verzekeringen Zorgsector Overheid Farma

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Account Manager (m/v) Information Management Solutions

Onze klant is een KMO die zich reeds +10 jaar specialiseert in digital information management met een sterke expertise in: Banken & verzekeringen, Zorgsector, Overheid, Farma.

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IT Account Manager (m/v) infra solutions Antwerpen/Limburg

Als KMO ICT dienstverlener bijna 20 jaar actief. Veelzijdig aanbod in ICT, operations en HR oplossingen voor KMO's. Open en no-nonsense cultuur.

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Sales professionals (m/v) met interesse in IoT

Onze klant is sterk actief in de wereld van digitale business transformatie en IoT. Zij integreren technologieën zoals barcode, RFID, condition monitoring, real time locating systems, industrial-grade label printing in hun oplossingen en hebben reeds meer dan 30 jaar een vooraanstaande positie binnen hun niche.

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We use our sales experience to steer your sales career in the right direction

  • Large network of companies in ICT, consultancy and engineering
  • Over 20 years of sales experience in ICT and consultancy
  • Objective classification on the basis of sales DNA

Kim Maertens
Account Director at Allyours

“We had a lengthy telephone conversation first. Later, this turned out to have been an initial screening. They did this to check whether or not they could help me. I thought that was really good. David's knowledge and experience make all the difference. It gives you confidence from the outset.

At that time, I would never have had the courage to apply for the vacancy of Account Director myself. However, David told me that he had spoken with the client several times and, based on my experience and sales DNA, that he wanted to introduce me to schedule an initial interview with the client.

I am now working there as an Account Director. So Vendetium mainly looks at what I want and am capable of, instead of just a title.”

Jan Vermeesch
Strategy & Business Development, Innovative Technologies

“Vendetium has a rather different approach. From the intake interview to the final decision, you feel that everything revolves around you in your capacity as the candidate. It's all about you and your ambitions and wishes, your choice. David realises that understanding these and matching them with those of his client is the only way to achieve mutual satisfaction and a win-win situation.”