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Sales interim management to help your sales team with complex sales challenges

Make up for a specific lack of sales capacity or expertise with sales interim management. Clear guidelines ensure that your sales staff work more efficiently and in line with a clear sales philosophy, allowing them to handle complex sales cycles and challenges more effectively.

A sales interim manager to suit your sales philosophy

Our sales interim managers can handle the most complex projects:

  • Expertise in new business development
  • Sales support when launching niche IT solutions or spin-offs
  • Management of your sales team
  • Helping your sales team to embed an efficient sales philosophy

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This is how we tackle your sales project:

Step 1: Intake

By means of workshops and discussions with your stakeholders, we gain an overview of your sales challenge.

Step 2: Bringing in the right expertise and experience

We create a value proposition which forms the basis of strong business relationships. This is embedded using processes, tools and people to suit your sales philosophy:

  • Introduction of a sales interim manager with the right sales DNA
  • Development of the sales toolkit
  • Elaboration of the sales plan

Step 3: Implementation of the sales plan + measurement of KPIs

Our sales professionals have the right sales DNA to convey your sales philosophy to your sales team and processes. They can also count on the support of our own experience, expertise and network.

You can measure and assess the success of our sales interim managers on the basis of 4 key performance indicators which affect your business growth:

  • The number of newly qualified opportunities in the sales pipeline
  • Average deal value
  • Average win ratio
  • Average duration of sales cycles

You can count on our experience of complex sales cycles in niche sectors

  • Large network of (freelance) sales professionals
  • Over 20 years of sales experience in ICT and consultancy
  • We specialise in aligning your sales cycles with how your clients buy

Kristof Briers

“Vendetium takes a certain pride in not just sending people to one of its clients at random. I can't say that Vendetium are unique in terms of what they do, but they are certainly reliable. This working method, in combination with their sales DNA assessment, makes them a quality company which is professional, mature and credible.”

Jan Vermeesch
Strategy & Business Development, Innovative Technologies

“Vendetium has a rather different approach. From the intake interview to the final decision, you feel that everything revolves around you in your capacity as the candidate. It's all about you and your ambitions and wishes, your choice. David realises that understanding these and matching them with those of his client is the only way to achieve mutual satisfaction and a win-win situation.”

How can I help you?

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