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Structure your sales organisation efficiently

As your organisation grows, your sales staff increasingly need structure and guidance to allow them to perform at their best. Your sales cycles will progress more efficiently, your staff will realise their ambitions and you will find it easier to attract new sales talent.

Together, we will embed a structure and clear sales philosophy in your company.

This will allow you to achieve your sales targets more efficiently:

  • Accurately identify the accounts which deserve most effort
  • Avoid ‘no decisions’ after lengthy sales efforts
  • Clearly position your added value and avoid price discussions
  • Communicate in the business language of your key stakeholders

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This is how we implement a structure within your sales organisation

Step 1: Intake

We form a picture of your:

  • Company, objectives and sales results
  • Clients, together with why and how they buy from you
  • Marketing and sales teams, their KPIs and challenges
  • Added value, by creating a clear definition

Step 2: Sales team analysis and DNA assessment

A DNA assessment of your sales team allows us to chart their potential:

  • Online questionnaire for each individual which measures the sales-related competencies on the basis of scientific insights
  • Comparison with the competencies of global best performers in 11 different sales roles
  • Prediction of the chances of success for your team members in these specific roles

View an example of a sales DNA test result

Step 3: Sales team Development Roadmap

You will receive an action plan with concrete action points for achieving your sales targets. 

  • Development of a sales strategy, plan and toolkit
  • Design of your sales process
  • Reorganisation of your sales team in line with the sales DNA of your
 team members
  • Sales training and coaching
  • Choice and/or implementation of marketing and sales technology
  • Expansion of your sales team

Step 4: Implementation of the action points

Implementation of the structure which has been developed, follow-up and adjustment if required.

You can count on our experience of complex sales cycles in niche sectors

  • Over 20 years of sales experience in ICT and consultancy
  • We specialise in aligning your sales cycles with how your clients buy
  • No theoretical reports, just practical action plans

Koen De Clercq
CEO at Objective International

“Working with Vendetium helped us to increase the visibility of our actual sales pipeline for our team and to take the actions required to pick up on stalled opportunities and help them evolve. In the short term, we have already achieved results by closing two new deals based on the guidelines from the practical coaching sessions.”

Walter Van Hecke
Founder & Managing Partner Techne-IT & CognIT

“We mainly used to sell on the basis of our intuition. David's added value was to bring structure to our approach. Our sales process is much more efficient these days.

How can I help you?

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