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Complex sales processes need more than superficial sales services

What is your sales philosophy? How is it embedded within your approach to sales? And is it properly coordinated with how your clients buy from you?

In order to create added value for your company, we always start from the big picture in which every aspect is important: 

  • The right sales processes
  • The right sales staff 
  • The right sales tools

Unless it is properly embedded in the foundations of your organisation, sales training, consultancy or coaching will only have a fleeting effect. We make your company grow by embedding your sales philosophy within your company.

Sales DNA and Solution Selling® as the guiding principle in our approach and services

In the world of ICT, consultancy and engineering, sales cycles are often long-winded and extremely complex. This requires a sales structure which is sufficiently robust. We call upon scientific methods which we embed within your sales philosophy.

We are certified in:

  • Solution Selling® 
  • Assessing the sales DNA in order to classify sales profiles
  • Body language analysis and coaching

This is the theory, but we translate it into practice as quickly as possible. We never work with fictitious PR examples but always tackle your own specific challenges. This might take the form of training, introducing sales talents, interim management or consultancy. It depends on what your company needs most, but we always focus on added value.

David De Bisschop