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You won't reach the next sales level based on intuition alone

Embedding a consistent sales philosophy and approach in your company will allow you to find, create, manage and capitalise on the right opportunities.

  • We specialise in complex sales cycles
  • Critical but constructive view of your sales organisation
  • Elaboration and embedding of a well-founded sales structure
  • Matching sales talents with companies based on their network and expertise

Testimonials from satisfied sales professionals

Liesbeth Debruyn
CEO at Elmos

"Vendetium's range of services might not be unique, but they are great to work with. There can't be more than a handful of companies like Vendetium in Belgium. Their own sales experience and network in our market gives them significant added value. David stands out by adopting an extremely accessible approach. He is a good listener and doesn't claim to know best. Both on the phone and face-to-face, he is very pleasant to work with. He doesn't pretend to know everything, nor does he behave that way. Vendetium's value certainly also lies in the sales DNA test which he recommends if we are finding and qualifying candidates ourselves."

Peter Willen
Business consultant Healthcare & Partner at Möbius

“We didn't just want a standard solution. We were looking for someone who can coach business consultants, which is certainly not a simple matter. What really appealed to us about Vendetium was the combination of online training and custom training using our own concrete cases. It was their comprehensive offering, combined with positive feedback from someone we know well, which made us decide to work with them. David's experience of our business provided clear added value for us. Since our project was launched, we now base our approach far more on the business situation of our prospects and clients. Previously, we used to focus more on our offering. Our kick-off at the end of August opened our eyes right away. The sales philosophy introduced by Vendetium is now also embedded in our CRM and the way we look at the business. Our unit had already achieved our annual targets by June of the following year.”

Walter Van Hecke
Founder & Managing Partner Techne-IT & CognIT

“We mainly used to sell on the basis of our intuition. David's added value was to bring structure to our approach. Our sales process is much more efficient these days.

Koen De Clercq
CEO at Objective International

“Working with Vendetium helped us to increase the visibility of our actual sales pipeline for our team and to take the actions required to pick up on stalled opportunities and help them evolve. In the short term, we have already achieved results by closing two new deals based on the guidelines from the practical coaching sessions.”